Miniatures & More is a juried art exhibition and sale featuring an exceptional collection of over 100 artists. Small and large scale artworks decorate the gallery in a wide range of mediums and genres- there is nothing “mini” about Miniatures & More! The exhibition benefits the artists whose work it features, with proceeds from art sales divided between the artist and the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. Our valued community partnerships with our sponsors enables Miniatures & More to raise needed funding that provides for exhibition support, educational programming and community outreach for the Albuquerque Museum.

Miniatures & More opens in October with three events that allow aspiring art collectors the opportunity to purchase works and meet the artists in the distinctive setting of the Albuquerque Museum.

Friday Premiere October 21, 6pm – 9pm $150: For the serious art collector, join a limited group to view and purchase the artwork in an intimate environment. “Buy It Now” is an option to purchase artworks, unique to this evening only. You don’t have to take a chance that your name will be drawn for purchase on a coveted piece- you can simply buy it on the spot! An elegant menu provided by Artichoke Café and champagne from Gruet will be served in the Miniatures & More gallery. The highlight of the evening will be an insightful gallery talk about participating artists’ works and processes with Albuquerque Museum Curator of Art, Andrew Connors.

or call 505.842.0111 for more information

Saturday Gala October 22, 6pm – 9pm $85: Join us for a cocktail party in the exhibition gallery with the opportunity to purchase art while enjoying the lively atmosphere with your friends and the artists. The evening features hosted cocktails and appetizers by Taste Boutique Catering.

or call 505.842.0111 for more information.

Saturday Artist Preview October 22, 10am – 2pm: All ticket holders have a chance to meet the artists in this casual, relaxed environment. Experience the exhibit and drop a bid on the artwork.

Premium Package Friday & Saturday events, $200: Come to all opening weekend events with a special ticket package and give yourself more opportunities to purchase artwork!

or call 505.842.0111 for more information.


 Artists featured in the 2016 Miniatures & More exhibition


Tony Abeyta Edward Gonzales Grace Parliman
Jane Abrams Anne Greene Pascal Pierme
Donna Aldrich Scott Greene Richard Prather
Seth Anderson Peter Hagen Susie Protiva
Maude Andrade LaVerne Harper Alan Paine Radebaugh
David Antreasian William Haskell Mauricio Ramirez
Jo Antreasian Ann Huston Rosalyn Roembke
Martha Rea Baker Betsy James Rémy Rotenier
Karen Bexfield Vasili Katakas Chuck Sabatino
Sean Brown Debra Keirce Abby Salsbury
Michael Budden Robert Kuester Carol Sánchez
Charlie Burk Leigh Anne Langwell Beth Sharpe
Patrick Carr Ted Laredo Suzanne Sidebottom
Jennifer Cavan Ronnie Layden Sarah Siltala
Michael Ceschiat Anthony Lazorko Sara Smith
Jill Christian Amadeus Leitner Diana Stetson
Barbara Clark Shana Levenson Mary Ann Strandell
Rebecca Cohen Orlando Leyba Stacey Sullican de Maldonado
James R. Cole II Arthur Lopez Todd Tibblas
Barbara Coleman Felix Lopez Kevin Tolman
Fernando Delgado Joseph Lopez Alberto Toscano
Evan Dent Krissa Lopez Linda Tratechaud
Robert Deurloo Leon Loughridge Greg Tucker
Cindy Dominguez Lucy Maki Shaen Turung
Ann Dunbar John Maldonado Jan Vanderburg
Judy Felsen Toby McGee David Vega Chavez
Lilly Fenichel Matthew Mullins Margi Weir
Margaret Fitzgerald Tom Murray Juan Wijngaard
John Fleming Kenneth Myers Susan Zimmerman
Joann Francomano Patrick Nagatani  
Cay Garcia Arlo Namingha  
John Garrett Michael Naranjo  
Margot Geist Rebecca Nolda  
Gregory Gibbons brian O'Connor  
Kirk Gittings Kathie Olivas  
Michael Godfrey Nicolas Otero  
Cheryl Godin Emi Ozawa  
Damien Gonzales Reyes Padilla  

More Artists

Catalina Delgado Trunk Annell Livingston Shawn Turung
Edward Gonzales Nicolas Otero Emmi Whitehorse
William Haskell Emi Ozawa  
Ronnie Layden Kevin Tolman


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