Free Field Trips to the Albuquerque Museum

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Elementary school students in grades 2-5 can travel to and visit the Albuquerque Museum.

The Magic Bus is a free program of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation. Funding is provided to cover transportation and admission to the Museum. Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends, each sponsored field trip gives up to 60 students and teachers an opportunity to explore the multicultural heritage of New Mexico.

Each field trip spans up to 2 -1/2  hours: which include transportation time and plus, one hour for a guided gallery tour, and a half hour is spent participating in an exciting hands-on art or history lesson taught by a Museum docent.

During their visit to the Museum, students can experience traditional and contemporary  New Mexico art.  Only in Albuquerque features a greatly expanded historical story of our city, or students can tour other special current exhibitions selected by their teacher. Our Magic Bus tours support age appropriate standards in language arts, social studies and fine arts. Tours of the history exhibitions guide students in exploring the people, places, and events in history both local and beyond. The art exhibitions engage students in critical viewing and discussion of artworks from around the world. All tours foster active participation and expression.

Magic Bus field trips to the Albuquerque Museum are available to summer school students as well.

Interested teachers must complete a Magic Bus form. Only one application per class please. Only full completed forms will be accepted. Due to the popularity of this program, field trips are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Teachers, apply for a 60 minute Magic Bus field trip to The Museum here.

Teachers, apply for a 90 minute Magic Bus field trip to The Museum here.