Albuquerque Museum Presents the second annual book event showcasing local writing talent

November 11, 2017 • 10a.m.— 4p.m.
Price: FREE

The finest of the New Mexico writers' scene will gather at the Albuquerque Museum to share their experiences and sign books for their fans. Whether you are a mystery addict, a hard-core sci-fi fan, or a  History buff you’ll be amazed at the diversity of writers working across a range of genres, who call New Mexico home.



"Your Path from Writer to Author" Panelists: Steve Brewer, Don Bullis, Joseph Badal and Steve Havill

10:00 am Nasario Garcia – My New Mexican Rural Roots: A Source of Literary Inspiration
11:00 am Nancy Owen Lewis – Dogs for Defense: Recruiting Pets During WWII
12:00 David Morrell – On a Victorian Train No One Could Hear You Scream. My Victorian Mystery/Thrillers
1:00 pm Panel Discussion – Your Path from Writer to Author
2:00 pm Paula Paul - The Ten Commandments for Writers
3:00 pm Writing Contest Award Ceremony for best unpublished works of Fiction and Non-Fiction featuring the David Morrell Prize for Fiction and Lesley Poling-Kempes Prize for Non-Fiction. Ceremony will include a reading of winning submissions by David Morrell and Lesley Poling-Kempes.

The 2017 Author Festival is a collaboration to benefit participating artists and the educational programs at Albuquerque Museum.

2017 Participating Authors

Author Genre
Joseph Badal Mystery/Thriller
Sue Boggio & Mare Pearl Novel
Janet Brennan Historical Fiction
Steve Brewer Mystery
Don Bullis Non-Fiction/Western
Rani Divine Science Fiction/Fantasy
Nasario Garcia Children’s/New Mexico
Melody Groves Western
Steve Havill Southwestern Mystery
Betsy James Science Fiction/Fantasy
Robert Kidera Mystery/Thriller
Nancy Owen Lewis Non-Fiction
Jane Lindskold Science Fiction/Fantasy
David Morrell Mystery/Thriller
Ana Pacheco Non-Fiction
Paula Paul Mystery/Literary Fiction
Gail Rubin Self-Help
Margaret Tessler Mystery/Thriller
James Tritten Corrales Writing Group
Neecy Twinem Children’s Books
Ross Van Dusen Children’s Books
Robert E. Vardeman Sci-Fi/Mystery/Western
Patricia Wood Mystery